Combining handicraft and strategy

  • #1Press office

    You external press office

    Companies can use my services for outsourced press office function or a media relations contact point in Germany. The tasks can include the day to day business, especially in the areas of developing stories, creating press releases and arranging press interviews. If desired, I can help to prepare managers for their briefings via individual media trainings.
    It might be useful to involve an external spokesperson, even if you have media requests only from time to time. On the long run, your company will be in the comfortable situation to react quickly and more efficient, without time-consuming briefings.

  • #2Management

    Managing communications

    Do you need a new website or want to get involved in the field of social media? An ad campaign needs to be developed or publications such as product and company brochures are needed? I’m heading for my clients exactly these kind of communication projects.
    However, I am not your usual communication agency. I do not have to sell a range of services. Rather, I support you precisely and targeted. Service providers and skilled specialists can be involved whenever needed, at any time.

  • #3Crisis

    Crisis communication

    Situations become critical, especially as soon as self-perception, perception by others and reality do not overlap anymore. In these cases companies are not only running into the risk of self-serving bias, but also the risk of substantial damage. Such settings demand wise and adequate communications. I will support you and your decision-makers to come to an appropriate and effective strategy. With me you know a savvy and experienced person at your side that has accompanied companies and Executives in many extremely difficult situations.

  • #4Keynote


    Special occasions need special words. You want to inspire and persuade the audience? I support you in performing skillfully and virtuoso. The process starts with a thorough but time-limited analysis of the speaker, the audience and relevant stakeholders. In the second step, both the speaker and I will review the relevance of the key messages. Then it will be up to me to prepare the first draft of your speech. If suitable, a presentation and speech coaching will follow. I offer this service only for speeches in German language.

  • #5Challenges

    Challenges – citizens’ action committee and change process

    Careful and proactive communication is needed in difficult and delicate environments. For these kind of situations, a screening method has been developed and successfully used many times. For example, the method has been used in the creation of the first electronic exchange in Germany and the privatization of assets of the Federal Republic of Germany. This technique was also deployed during the process of introducing new products, such as the construction of the new headquarters of Mercedes-Benz Germany Marketing in Berlin and during several city quarter developments.

  • #6Identity

    Corporate Identity

    Every organization has its own corporate identity. Leading companies make the difference. They use corporate identity to give direction not only to the public, clients and shareholders, but also to their employees. Corporate Identity is much more than the visual appearance of a company with its brands, colors and key visuals. Corporate Identity stands for the written and unwritten rules and standards of an organization. I will be more than happy to help you with well-proven techniques, to start using corporate identity as an efficient management tool.