Success for people – success with people

  • #1Roswitha Könsgen

    „We benefit from the wide range of his experiences. Willi Brandt represents our interests in the public and is internal service provider at the same time. Whether new web page, executive coaching or media work - the work is reliant targeted and produces the desired effect. Last not least it is great fun to work with him.”

    Roswitha Könsgen, Managing Director Deutsche Friedhofsgesellschaft


  • #2Prof. Uwe Frerichs

    „His profound knowledge and his passion for effective communication make Willi Brandt a valuable sparring partner, PR-Consultant and Coach. He develops exactly the stories for people, products and companies that produce results and have a high relevance for stakeholders.“

    Prof. Uwe Frerichs, Managing Director omniCon


  • #3Sangworn Santisuk


    „Willi is a great PR-Consultant. With his brand expertise he helps project to be more recognizable - right to the point“.




    Sangworn Santisuk, Executive Consultant and frm. President of the Thai Hotels Association's northern region


  • #4Bernhard H. Hansen

    hansen„Today, entrepreneurial tasks require communicative competence and forward-looking communications. Willi Brandt has a feeling for appropriate and effective communication. He paves the way for projects, by establishing an anticipatory and strategic approach. Whether a skyscraper has to be built, a whole city district is being developed or companies and products need to be branded.“

    Bernhard H. Hansen, frm. CEO CA Immo Deutschland


  • #5Myrle Dziak-Mahler

    „I am very pleased with the pleasant cooperation with Willi Brandt. With great verve and distinctive empathy, he places his competence at the service of our organization. Through his holistic approach and his well-founded expertise, we were able to sharpen our public profile and significantly increase our visibility. With Willi Brandt we found "our consultant" in matters of public relations.“

    Myrle Dziak-Mahler, Director ZFL, University of Cologne

  • #6Jürgen Blankenberg

    hansen„The Grand Tower in Frankfurt, Germany's tallest residential building, is setting new benchmarks with its unique architecture, amenities and public perception. When it comes to communication, Willi Brandt supports us successfully in this challenging project. We value his in-depth knowledge, his ability to fast answer to a problem, and his strategic, forward-looking approach.“

    Jürgen Blankenberg, managing director gsp STAEDTEBAU

Overview Companies

Deutsche Börse

Deutsche Friedhofsgesellschaft

Eden Frankfurt

Ehret und Klein


Finch Properties

FBW Projektbau

Grand Tower Frankfurt

gsp Städtebau


IBP International Business Press, New York


Mattheußer Immobilien

October Multimedia, Bangkok

omniCon Gesellschaft für innovatives Bauen

Pollux Frankfurt



Siam Indochine, Bangkok

Thai Hotels Association, Northern Chapter

Universität zu Köln

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